Watering golf courses

If you are a decision-taker, you know that the characteristics of the ground underneath your golf holes are of essential importance for the quality of your golf course and the pleasure it affords your members. But the irrigation and sprinkling technology for golf courses is changing so rapidly that you are best leaving this problem to a specialist. Hydroplan for example.

Sprinkler installations for golf courses

The characteristics of your greens are different to those of your fairways and they each need a different irrigation approach. And water plays yet another role when it comes to the tees. Hydroplan works together with you to find the best solutions and uses specialised machinery to ensure exactly the right installation for each of the different types of terrain. And of course we do all of this in close consultation with the green keeper.

Focus on optimisation

We know that there is a limit to the amount of money you are able to spend. Which is why we work towards ensuring optimal water consumption. We do this by applying our expertise and installing at places that ensure that you never use one centilitre too much water. We remain alert to your budget from installation all the way through to maintenance.

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