Irrigation plan for gardens and parks

Grass should be green and flowers should bloom. The same applies to your garden or park. So, you need water in the right places and in the right volumes. And this is exactly what Hydroplan does.

First an irrigation plan, then the installation

You know that you have to sprinkle water of course. But how often exactly do you need to sprinkle? And what is the ideal volume of water that you should use? And where do you need extra sprinkling? This is where our specialist knowledge comes in. We carry out a thorough survey of your garden or park and draw up an irrigation plan that is customized precisely to the design of your grounds and the type of growth therein.

Installations in new and existing gardens and parks

When creating a new garden or park, installing an irrigation system is child’s play. But if you already have a beautifully landscaped garden, you still don’t need to be worried about your flower beds and your plants. We are able to lay down piping and hoses without having to do lots of excavation work. And if we do have to dig a bit deeper, we use specialised materials. You are guaranteed a seamless installation.

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