Water sprinklers for sports pitches

Nothing allows a ball to roll more smoothly than a well-watered grass pitch. But football is not the only sport to benefit from a water sprinkler system: hockey, golf, equestrian events, motocross, etc. Water sprinklers are crucial in almost all outdoor sporting activities.

Sprinkling and removing dust

Natural grass needs to be watered thoroughly in order to ensure that the roots receive the right amount of moisture. This offers an advantage to a host of different sports and it is also good for maintenance. Artificial turf also needs uniform sprinkling.

Sprinkling is also important for areas of sandy ground in order to keep the dust down on the playing pitch or in the arena during equestrian events and horse jumping shows, motocross events, tennis games, etc. All these sports benefit from carefully adjusted sprinkling.

User-friendly installations

We do not charge for the survey and the installation. But we assume that you will need to use the installation within a short space of time. Which is why we place a great deal of attention on the user-friendliness of your system. We want you to be able to maintain precise control of the volume of water you use at all times.

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