Irrigation and sprinkler systems are best installed according to a clearly defined plan. A lot of attention is placed on ensuring optimal volumes of water of course or each part of your park, garden or sports pitch. But in our survey we also look at how we can minimise costs wherever possible in the interests of your budget.

VBS surveys are carried out by a Certified Irrigation Designer. We can also draw up specifications and an overview of measurements if you so require.


We keep the whole process of installing irrigation systems as simple as possible. And this is why we only use very superior quality materials and machinery which enhances efficiency when it comes to complex excavation and installation works. What’s more, our team has vast experience in installing both simple and complex irrigation systems.


Our service does not come to an abrupt halt when you turn on the tap. We are happy to monitor your water consumption and make adjustments to fit in with meteorological conditions, etc. We have specialised software that enables us to adjust remotely where necessary and we can also prepare your installation for the winter when the temperature starts to go down.

And if you have any questions about your irrigation system or your installation, just contact us straight away and we will be pleased to provide answers and solutions as speedily as possible.


Grass should be green and flowers should bloom. The same applies to your garden or park. So, you need water in the right places and in the right volumes. And this is exactly what VBS does.

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If you are a decision-taker, you know that the characteristics of the ground underneath your golf holes are of essential importance for the quality of your golf course and the pleasure it affords your members. But the irrigation and sprinkling technology for golf courses is changing so rapidly that you are best leaving this problem to a specialist. VBS for example.

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Nothing allows a ball to roll more smoothly than a well-watered grass pitch. But football is not the only sport to benefit from a water sprinkler system: hockey, golf, equestrian events, motocross, etc. Water sprinklers are crucial in almost all outdoor sporting activities.

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