Rain Bird xeri bird multi outlet

Rain Bird xeri bird multi outlet emitter.

GF electrolas fittings

The electrofusion fittings program contains many possibilities. Our range contains various mats (d20 to d63) and all kinds of different types of bends and couplings.

Rain bird filter

These filters provide large filtration capacity for residential, commercial, and municipal drip applications. This means less cleaning and lower maintenance costs.

Rain bird PSI-M Pressure regulators

These preset pressure regulators are designed to provide a constant outlet pressure in microirrigation installations.

Rain Bird 5000 serie rotors

5000 series rotor for landscape irrigation.

Rain Bird root watering system

System for watering and aeration of the root package also known as root watering system.

Rain Bird 1800 series spray heads

This housing is suitable for both nebuliser and multi stream spray nozzles.

Wire Connector DBM10

Make a correct waterproof cable connection.

Rain Bird DV-series

24 volt electric valve for basic landscape irrigation systems.

Rain Bird ESP-LXME controller

Rain Bird controller for large landscapes.